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Experience building custom solutions!

Residential housing or buildings for your business! We build just about everything you can possibly imagine. At CONSTRU, detail is of special importance in our designer homes.

We have solid experience in the Civil Construction sector, namely in the so-called traditional construction of buildings and homes, but also in the implementation of high-quality contemporary architectural solutions and other types of infrastructures.

All our projects fulfil our purpose: to always deliver at the highest standards.


Transform the past with a vision of the future!

Because maintaining identity is important, at CONSTRU we rehabilitate without defacing. We use current techniques, select and incorporate materials compatible with those found in buildings, and act towards sustainable rehabilitation.

We are specialists in several areas of intervention, such as facades, floors, roofs and interiors, as well as in the complete rehabilitation of buildings, namely degraded industrial buildings or buildings that need alterations, or change of divisions, the rehabilitation of concrete structural elements and/or their demolition.


Upgrade your space with the best materials!

We completely remodel interiors. CONSTRU also ensures all architectural services for the development of solutions and choice of materials.

We perform all types of renovation work, both for homes and business. We are committed to close, rigorous monitoring throughout the construction process, always within the agreed amounts and prices.

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